Eyelashes Swindon

Professional Eyelash Extensions & Beauty in Swindon

A full set of Eyelash Extensions applied by Lashed-Up Eyelashes Swindon is a very relaxing and comfortable experience. You will have been asked prior to your appointment in Swindon to remove any make-up thus avoiding additional time to remove products during your appointment time slot.

Upon arrival we shall discuss your own eyelashes along with the lengths, curls and thicknesses of the extensions you require to achieve your desired look. The rest is all about you relaxing and enjoying the quiet time whilst your treatment is underway. Your eyes will be cleansed with a protein wipe at the beginning of the treatment and this will ensure any oil based products are removed from the eyelashes, eye treatment pads will be placed over your lower lashes to keep them at bay whilst leaving a clear white background for your upper lashes to lay on giving your technician good visibility of your lashes to be extended.

Eyelashes Swindon

Eyelash Infills Swindon

A set of infills for your current eyelash extensions by Lashed-Up Eyelashes Swindon is the same relaxing and comfortable experience as your first set. If you are a current client I will be aware of your desired lengths, thicknesses and curls therefore this will allow me to progress with the appointment with a brief discussion at the beginning to ensure you are still happy with your previous selections. As a new client requiring infills from another technicians work then of course we will need to discuss what has been applied, what can be applied in addition and what your desired look is before making a start.

During an infill process I shall ensure that any lashes that are current are all still neatly in place and any that are growing out near the end of the cycle can be carefully tidied/removed from your eyelash(s) before progressing with additional extensions. This will provide a tidy before infill, leaving you with an all round fresh and new set of extensions to go away with.

Eyelash Removal Swindon

A removal of eyelash extensions by Lashed-Up in Swindon is as relaxing and comfortable as any of the other eyelash extension treatments. As per the extension process an eye treatment pad will be applied to keep the lower lashes separate and you will just remain with your eyes closed until the treatment is complete. A removal product shall be applied to your extensions whilst lightly brushing them away from your eyelid, slowly the removal liquid will breakdown the glue bond allowing the extensions to slip away from your natural lashes removing all product.

Express Lashes

Eyelash extensions are applied to the surface of your natural eyelashes rather than on each individual eyelash. Eyelash extensions are laid on and along your own eyelashes until you have a full and desired look. These eyelash extensions are temporary and should be removed after 2 weeks. The treatment is very suitable for a quick express service for those weekends where you want that desired eyelash extension look for your night out.

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