Professional Eyelash Extension Prices

Full Set of Extensions - Takes 60 minutes / £48
A full set of eyelash extensions shall include a consultation of your own eyelashes and the selection of extensions you require to achieve your desired look, a cleanse your own eyelashes to remove any oil based products on your eyelashes and surrounding eyelash area and a relaxing period whilst your treatment goes ahead giving the end result of a beautiful set of eyelash extensions. I shall also give you advice on how to take care of your eyelashes post your treatment.
Infills - Takes 30 minutes / £22
A set of infills shall include a tidy up of your current eyelashes and extensions to ensure they are all correctly placed and prepared for infills. The rest is a relaxing experience for you to enjoy and the end result of a fresh and full set of eyelash extensions.
Eyelash Removal - Takes 10 minutes / £10
A removal treatment shall include careful application of eyelash removal product which breakdowns the glue bond whilst brushing and sweeping away your extensions from your natural eyelashes.
Express Lashes - Takes 30 minutes / £25
Eyelash extensions are applied to the surface of your natural eyelashes rather than on each individual eyelash. Eyelash extensions are laid on and along your own eyelashes until you have a full and desired look. These eyelash extensions are temporary and should be removed after 2 weeks. The treatment is only 30 minutes so it's very suitable for a quick express service for those weekends where you want that desired eyelash extension look for your night out.
Full Leg / £14
Half Leg / £10
Eyebrows / £7
Lip / £5
Chin / £5
Underarm / £5
Basic / £10
French / £14
Basic / £35
Eyebrows / £6
Lip/Chin / £5
Lashes / £5
Brows / £5
Basic / £10
French / £14

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